What if your home had a brain that could understand your family and the way you live? That’s possible with smart home technology. Whether it’s turning on the lights remotely, controlling your indoor temperature or enhancing security, automation can add convenience and comfort to your home.

Automated lighting and temperature control help you conserve energy and reduce expenses on electricity, heating and air conditioning, while also enhancing the security of your home.

  • Create a welcoming home. Using mobile technology, your home can sense when you pull into your driveway, turning on the indoor or outdoor lights that you specify so you arrive at a well-lit home without burning electricity while you’re away.
  • Home and away settings. Choose settings to automatically disarm your security system as you approach your door if you wish. Or instruct your home to change to your desired temperature when you arrive, making it easy to reduce energy expenses while you’re away.
  • Sleep safe. Create “bed time” settings that lock your doors, set your alarm and turn off the lights of your choice with a touch of a button, without leaving the comfort of your bedroom.