Technology is all around us, from phones, computers, TVs, and more. But with the benefits that come with innovation, comes an increase in money being spent. From your HVAC system, the conference phone in your boardroom, to your IT security, learn how you can improve your bottom line by automating processes and equipment. We’ll look at

  • Productivity: What is it and how can you save money by increasing it?
  • IT security: What it would cost to protect against a breach compared with how much your business would spend if a breach were to occur.
  • Communication: How much money is lost due to ineffective communication? And how can you save?
  • Conference Room Technology: How you can bring your projector and TV into the automated world.
  • Surveillance: Do you know how much money you have lost due to employee theft?
  • Electricity: How can you automate your HVAC system and lighting to lower your utility bill.
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