As your Indianapolis home automation experts, Ultimate Automation knows a thing or two about ways to make your home smarter and more efficient. We offer a wide variety of smart home products that can give you full control over the operations of your home, helping you become more productive, and making your home more secure and energy efficient.

Our Smart Home Services

Home automation or “smart homes” are how our business started. We use Crestron as the brain of your system which is the gold standard of automation because it provides virtually unhackable security, the most reliable performance, and integration of all your smart home technology to be controlled from one app. Here are some ways to make your home truly “smart”:

  • Control smart devices, such as security, lighting, shades, and entertainment from one app on your phone
  • Get rid of all those remotes and control your entertainment with one remote for your phone
  • Your home senses when you’re a mile away and turns on all lights and opens the garage door
  • When you leave the home, the home arms security and turns off lights
  • The home can turn off all your lights at a certain time each night or when a lack of movement is detected for a period of time
  • Automated shades follow the sun to close shades on the sun to reduce air conditioning usage
  • Any other scenario you can dream of!

Talk to the Indianapolis Home Automation Experts

Give us the story behind what you are trying to accomplish with your smart home system and we will reach out to you ready to talk ideas. Your home improvement project should be exciting and fun—let the Indianapolis home automation pros get the job done right! Request a free consultation today.