Hiring smart people is part of your business’s growth strategy, so why shouldn’t your office be smart too? The automated office understands your workflow and creates functionality to increase productivity and employee experience.

  • Escape outdated equipment. Allow your employees to get more done by eliminating glitchy and outdated technology with speed, automation and mobile connectedness.
  • Enhance productivity. The ability to simulate natural lighting and control brightness can lead to improved employee health and productivity.
  • Power of choice. Each employee has different preferences for the environment where they can best achieve, and smart lighting allows for control over temperature and lighting in each sector of your office.

Corporate Automation

Automation in the workplace not only makes the lives of employees simpler, it can significantly reduce the cost of running your business, reduce the time required to complete time-consuming tasks, and eliminate the chances for errors. Traditional building and office functions such as lighting, window treatments, climate control, audio-video and security systems can be monitored and controlled through one program or app. Through innovations, automation has been taken to a whole new level as settings for meeting rooms can be preset when the meeting is originally scheduled, data on usage can be monitored to cut energy and space costs, and events can be scheduled to occur with perfection at exactly the right moment. Automation is no longer a luxury, but a competitive advantage.