If you’re running a business, you’re obviously concerned about efficiency and financial stability. The quicker and more effectively you can do business, the better profits you’ll see. That’s where Ultimate Automation can help. Our commercial automation services, like automated blinds, business security systems, and business audio and video, can transform how you do business and lead you and your crew to short-term and long-term success.

About Our Services

Ultimate Automation has become known as providing the best service in the industry. It’s what keeps our customers coming back. We have a very high bar of service, making your daily interactions with the team enjoyable. For commercial customers, we almost always include in our solution package a Service Agreement, which covers the following:

  • Processing and managing of all warranty issues with equipment.
  • All labor for work required is covered.
  • In the case of emergency, we provide a 4-hour service guarantee!
  • Proactive remote monitoring is included so we can monitor and service your system instantly!

Trust the Indianapolis Commercial Automation Pros

Your unique ideas are what make your business stand out from the pack. If you have plenty of unique ideas for your business that we could incorporate, we’re happy to build a custom solution that meets all of your needs. Request a free consultation, and grow your business today!