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Commercial AV / Automation Integration

Top Rated National Office Automation & Audio Visual Integration

Improve your office efficiency exponentially

Minimize overhead from profit consuming utilities and inefficiencies

 4 Hour service guarantee for emergencies

Proactive remote monitoring to monitor and service your system instantly!

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Four Hour Response Time For Emergencies

Remote Monitoring to Identify & Solve 75% of Issues

Highest Quality and performance available

Commercial Automation Services

From the Best Office Automation Service Provider in Indianapolis


Audio Visual

Get more done with intelligent meeting room solutions. A unified system lets users see room availability and reserve on location or online and define the perfect environmental setup in advance.

Video Walls

Provide a richness of picture unmatched by projectors. By combining several monitors, designed and programmed together with minimal or no bezel, you can wow your customers and employees.

Touch Screen Displays

Interactive display solutions designed to enhance collaboration in meeting and learning environments. The solution is designed to be completely flexible and can be easily integrated with other tools.

Room Scheduling

Crestron’s room scheduling system interacts with your current room scheduling software. Devices on the conference room wall details if the room is available, and if not, which ones are. 


Automated lighting allows you to control lighting through a phone or from a touch screen panel on the wall. It also allows you to control all lighting centrally, turning all lights on or off with the push of a button.

Video Conferencing

Through the combination of Crestron equipment and technology from our video conference partners, cost-effective face-to-face communication is within reach, even from 4,000 miles away.

Window Treatments

Window treatments from Crestron are designer shades that come automated or standard, without automation. Any color is available through the color-matching technology. 

Custom Furniture

Partnered with local furniture makers to combine beautifully hand-made furniture based on your design, with the latest automation technology. We will create a piece of automated furniture for you.

Networking / Wireless

Waiting for the network is a killers of productivity in the workplace, not to mention the loss of employee morale. We will ensure there is a robust signal in every corner of your office.

Noise Control

Excess sound is completely controllable with a combination of acoustical wall panels and white noise. Ultimate automation can turn the noisiest room into an area fit to be in a library.

Remote Monitoring

We will know about an issue with your system and can usually repair it remotely instantly, before you or your customers ever notice it. This is one of our cornerstones of service.

Security and Cameras

Comprehensive security system package - we will assess your needs and recommend solutions such as security cameras and access systems. Control this entire system from your phone.

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Every business is different, which is why every solution from Ultimate Automation is a custom solution. We’re not here to sell you on a bigger AV system than what your business requires — we’re here to create a system that’s tailored to the needs of your business today and in the future. Contact us with any questions, and request a free consultation today.


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